Truancy Termination

Truancy termination services provide school drop-out prevention education, job readiness skills services, parent education, and family support services to youth and their families in order to reduce recidivism of delinquent youths and truants.

Our staff work with family members to identify members to identify reasons for youth's truancy and barriers to regular and positive school attendance as well as work with school personnel and Probation Officers to identify solutions and interventions necessary to ensure school attendance, increase the youth's involvement in the school, and improve academic performance.

Additionally, training modules are utilized with youth and their parents. For youth, training modules include education on topics such as personal hygiene, truancy, college awareness, conflict resolution, relationships, substance abuse, and decision making. For parents, training modules include education on topics such as the role of a parent and self-esteem, understanding child growth and development/sibling rivalries, communication and listening skills/relationships, how to use effective discipline/problem solving, anger management/conflict resolution/stress management, teaching morals, values, and respect, and financial management.

Bachelor's degree in social work, psychology, sociology, or a directly related human service field.