Father Engagement Program

The Fatherhood Engagement Program is designed to engage absent and/or non-resident fathers in the Department of Child Services Family Case Plan and promote a positive relationship with the child. The program is a collaborative effort between Ireland Home Based Services staff and the Indiana Department of Child Services. The primary functions of the program include:

  • Engaging fathers and encouraging participation in the DCS Family Case Plan.
  • Educating fathers on the Department of Child Services processes, legal services, building relationships with their children, and other subjects deemed necessary.
  • Provide ongoing support to the fathers.
Each of these functions is accomplished through providing individual face to face sessions with the father. Face to face sessions can occur either in the home or the community. Through ongoing communication with the DCS Family Case Manager the Fatherhood Liaison assists the father with attending court or a Family Team Meeting. The Fatherhood Liaison provides on-call availability, other support services, and referrals for the fathers to additional resources within the community.

During the time fathers are involved with the Department of Child Services, they may have many questions or concerns regarding their role in the case or how they can most effectively participate. It is for this reason that we provide education and assistance on the topics listed above to ensure the father can successfully navigate his way through the case plan to ensure ongoing, consistent involvement in the child's life after their involvement with the Department of Child Services. An array of services is available to the father throughout the duration of his case thus providing him with the advocacy and information he needs to achieve a successful outcome.

If at any time you have questions or need further information regarding the Fatherhood Initiative feel free to contact the following:

Manager 812-319-4665