Probation Tutoring

Tutoring/literacy and math services are provided in order to raise the academic performance of school aged youth to a level consistent with state education standards. Services are provided in a manner that is age and developmentally appropriate and consistent with the child's ability, learning style, interpersonal characteristics and special needs. Children are connected as appropriate with both formal and informal community supports, services, and activities that promote their literacy skills. The child's characteristics are considered when choosing or designing program interventions, materials, and curriculum. An education plan is developed to address the child's literacy and math needs.

A variety of activities and lessons are employed as well as the use of external resources such as libraries, museums and community educational sites. Additionally, services may also utilize video games, computers, television and video; however, the use of these is a minimal portion of the child's participation.

Additionally, a plan is developed to engage the child, caregiver, and educator in the process. The plan accommodates persons who might be difficult to engage if necessary. The goal of the plan is to communicate and coordinate the child's education plan goals with the caregiver and educator.

A bachelor's degree or at least 60 hours of post-secondary credit hours in education, social work, psychology or a related field.