Indiana Department of Child Services

Indiana Department of Child Services

Ireland Home Based Services (IHBS) has been providing services to children and families who have been referred by the State due to issues of abuse and neglect since 1997. We are dedicated to facilitating positive behavioral change for children and families. Additionally, we seek to maintain a professional and collaborative relationship with family case managers as well other community agencies that may be involved in the family's life.

What to expect from Ireland Home Based Services:

  1. Frequent and timely face-to-face visits and consultation from an assigned clinician.
  2. Working together in partnership with the family case manager and other local community partners to assure the best outcomes for referred family which includes:

    • Weekly reports submitted weekly on the IHBS web portal along with phone contact
    • Active in an ongoing treatment plan with the family
    • Services that address each family’s needs, goals, values, culture, circumstances, learning styles and abilities.
    • The home is the primary service setting and maximum use is made of natural helping resources, including the family, the extended family, the neighborhood, and the community.

  3. Services are provided at the times and on the days that are most convenient for the families, including evening and weekends.
  4. 24 hour on-call ongoing and crisis management support. 877-403-0380
  5. 24/7 availability to family case managers and clients
  6. Reliable and professional staff
  7. Comprehensive ongoing staff training
  8. Active management
  9. Weekly supervision of staff/case review