Indiana Juvenile Probation

Indiana Juvenile Probation

Ireland Home Based Services has been providing services to juveniles and their families who have been referred from probation offices in Southern Indiana since 1997. Ireland Home Based Services is dedicated to facilitating positive behavioral change for juveniles on probation, as well their families. Ireland Home Based Services seeks to maintain a professional and collaborative relationship with the probation officers in each county and the community agencies involved in the juvenile's life.

  1. Frequent and timely face-to-face visits and consultation from an assigned clinician
  2. Working together in partnership with probation officers/ schools/ and other local community partners to assure the best outcomes for the juvenile and family which includes:

    • Weekly visits to the schools and contact with teachers and guidance counselors
    • Written reports submitted weekly on IHBS Web-Portal to Probation Officer along with phone contact
    • Active in an on-going treatment plan with the juvenile and the family
    • Weekly contact with family and supports involved in the juvenile life
    • Attending meetings with the juvenile at school/court/ or other organizations involved in the juvenile’s life

  3. 24 hours on-call ongoing crisis management support
  4. 24/7 availability to probation officers and clients
  5. Working with the juvenile on strength-based skills that they can use every day which include:

    • Developing/strengthening anger management skills and coping skills
    • Developing/strengthening self-esteem and independent living skills
    • Developing/strengthening communication skills

  6. Reliable and professional staff
  7. Comprehensive on -going staff training
  8. Active management
  9. Weekly supervision of staff/case review