Families With Children

Ireland Home Based Services is a local resource for families with children experiencing an unusual amount of stress within the family. Through a free, voluntary, program called Community Partners for Child Safety assistance can be given to families who may be finding parenting difficult. Maybe you are having problems keeping food on the table or are struggling to find permanent housing and employment. Maybe you are having trouble managing your household so you can maintain a clean home environment. Maybe you are having serious difficulty parenting your children and are concerned for their safety or your own. If you are experiencing these issues help is available.

Families may receive assistance through:

  • Home Based Services
  • On-call Availability
  • Crisis Intervention Counseling
  • Timely, Effective and Appropriate Prevention Support Services
  • Development of Family Case Plans to Include 3 Goals
  • Referrals to Resources and Supports Within the Community
  • Support and Advocacy Services
Families may self refer or be referred by another person or agency. To make a referral simply contact Ireland Home Based Services at 812-479-1856.

Visit the Community Partners for Child Safety page for more information.