Parent Café

What is Parent Café?

Parent Café is a program from Be Strong Families. Cafes offer an opportunity to connect with other parents in a fun & judgement free environment. During a Cafe we focus on peer to peer learning, deep reflection, and building Protective Factors.

Who May Attend?

We welcome parents from every background. That includes biological parents, foster parents (Credit provided!), grandparents, and caregivers. We also welcome service providers, educators, and anyone who works with children and families to join the conversation. Parent Café is an adult-focused event, we ask that you attend distraction-free if at all possible!


Cafes are monthly with several dates/times to choose from and are currently offered virtually through Zoom. We cover a different parenting topic each month.

To Register go to:
or Contact:
Deborah Cooper or 812-483-8369

Recovery Community Café

Recovery Community Cafe is a virtual eight week series that helps individuals in recovery from substance use connect with a supportive community and build resiliency. Each week we talk through a new element of recovery, how it is showing up for us as individuals, and what we need to be successful.

All ages and stages of recovery are welcomed, as well as those who are supporting someone in recovery.

Virtual meetings will be on Zoom and occur Tuesday evenings from
5:30-7:00pm CST /6:30-8:00pm EST

To Register go to:
or Contact:
Amanda Colvin Recovery Coach or 812-583-1480


Week 1: Our self-identity, awareness, and esteem
You play an important role in your recovery process and we will work to determine who you are in that role.

Week 2: Prioritizing wants & needs
In recovery, your priorities, wants, and needs will change from what they were in active addiction. This week we will utilize Maslow's hierarchy of needs to differentiate between wants and needs.

Week 3: Stages of relapse & prevention
We will take an in depth look at the stages of relapse and what plays a role in your own relapse as you form a personalized relapse prevention plan.

Week 4: Understanding triggers and interrupting our thought processes
What triggers you? How can you interrupt thought processes to prevent relapse? We will answer these questions and identify people, places, and things that play a role in sobriety.

Week 5: Goals, motivation, & stages of recovery
Setting goals and finding what motivates you in recovery is important and we will discuss why. We will also explore the stages of recovery and where you fit in.

Week 6: Stress management, self-care, and life balance
Healthy coping strategies can be useful in recovery. We will identify ways to manage stress and implement self-care and how to strike an overall lifestyle balance in the varying components of life.

Week 7: Mental health & emotions
Mental health and emotions play a role in sobriety and in addiction. We will discuss effects of mental health on addiction and develop a mental health maintenance plan to aid in recovery.

Week 8: Maintenance & long term recovery
As we wrap up we will look at maintaining sobriety, review what was learned, and finalize your personalized relapse prevention plans.