Adoption Child Preparation

This service is provided in order to assist the local DCS in assessing the adoption readiness of children in the custody of the State of Indiana. Upon assessment, the provider will work to prepare the child(ren) for adoption. The child will be counseled about what adoption will mean to them, and make it clear that an adoptive family is a permanent family.

Preparation of children for adoptive placement may include, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Reconstruction and interpretation of child's history
  2. Weaving together the child's background so they understand their own unique life experience
  3. Grief and loss issues with biological and foster families (and others)
  4. Loyalty issues
  5. What adoption means
  6. Listening to an adoptive child speak of their experience and feelings
  7. Knowing the difference between adoption and foster care

Life Book

Every child referred for child preparation services will begin or continue working on an existing Life Book. The Life Book is a means of documenting the child's life to date and is designed to provide the child a chance to recall people and places in order to provide a sense of continuity.

Bachelor's degree in social work, psychology, sociology, or a directly related field.