Probation Family Functioning Assessment

Parenting/Family functioning assessment is an in-home evaluation which includes standardized test instrument(s) to identify strengths and needs of the family. The service is most appropriately used when the needs of the family are so complex that a traditional assessment completed by a Family Case Manager is not able to determine the services necessary to improve the family's functioning.

Assessment Includes:

  • An interview with the adults and children being assessed
  • Completion by adults of the Parenting Stress Index. Additionally, the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory would be administered if substance abuse is indicated and if approved by the family case manager.
  • Observation of the parents' relationship with the children noting any needs or challenges
  • Tour of the proposed home noting any environmental concerns
  • Review of other information sources to verify family's reported history (i.e. previous DCS history, collateral contacts)

The written report will include:

  • Identifying information
  • History of significant events, medical history, history of the children (including educational history)
  • Family socio-economic situation, including income information of the parents and children
  • Family composition, structure, and relationships
  • Family strengths and skills
  • Family motivation for change
  • Description of the home environment
  • Summary of testing completed
  • Summary of collateral contacts
  • Assessment of relationship between parents and children
  • Assessor's assessment of the client's ability to safely parent the children
  • Client's understanding of the current situation

Master's degree in social work, psychology, marriage and family therapy or related human service field