The underlying philosophy is that it is best to raise children in their own home with their own family. A set of clearly expressed values and beliefs guide how counselors provide treatment for family members and how interventions are structured. The belief is that all people can change. Many problems that people face are due to lack of skills. HOMEBUILDERS® minimizes barriers to service and uses specific strategies to enhance family motivation/participation in treatment. It teaches skills to improve family functioning and to change the environment to diminish stress.


HOMEBUILDERS® is an intensive home crisis intervention and family treatment program designed to keep children safe, prevent the unnecessary out of home placement of children, and to safely reunify children and families.

What is the Purpose of HOMEBUILDERS®?

What is the Purpose of HOMEBUILDERS®?

The purpose of HOMEBUILDERS® is to assist and support families with:

  • Family Reunification
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Parent Training
  • Parent Education
  • Community Resources
  • Community Supports
  • Other Support Services

How Long Does the Program Last?

HOMEBUILDERS® is an intensive 4-6 week program. During the 4-6 weeks, families will have a HOMEBUILDERS® Counselor available to them 24/7 for consultation, intervention and support.

Who is Eligible to Benefit from HOMEBUILDERS®?

In order to participate in the HOMEBUILDERS® Program, referrals are received from the Department of Child Services for families that live in Vanderburgh, Knox, Pike, Gibson, Warrick or Posey county.

Eligibility criteria for HOMEBUILDERS® are as follows:

Families that have children at imminent risk of placement. OR, Children are in placement and cannot be reunified without intensive services. At least one parent is willing to participate. Family is available to meet with the HOMEBUILDERS® Counselor 3-5 times per week over a 4-6 week period for approximately 40 total face to face hours. Less intensive services have been exhausted or are not appropriate.

Elizabeth Monahan, MAMFT
Ph.: 812-479-1856 Ext. 305
Cell: 812-470-9787

Kris Mann, LCSW
HOMEBUILDERS® Program Manager
Ph.: 812-479-1856 Ext. 306
Cell: 812-449-9028